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All-American Apple Pie [Oct. 22nd, 2006|05:58 pm]
Cooking is passion


500 ml all-purpose flour (yes, it's ml, not grams!)
150 ml shortening (I used this liquid RAMA butter stuff)
50 ml chilled water
a few grams of salt

Mix sifted flour and salt with the shortening, using a pastry blender, then add the water. Form a ball and put into the fridge for 1 hour. Take out again and let it rest for another hour at room temperature, then divide into half. Roll one half with a rolling pin and place it into a pie plate (for the Germans: eine Springform tut's auch). Roll other half and put aside.

5-7 apples
3 tbsp brown sugar
3 tbsp white sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
a bit grounded lemon peel
a bit lemon juice
2 tbsp cornstarch (for the Germans: normale Stärke geht auch, z.b. Mondamin)

Toss all together in a bowl, then place on the dough into the pie plate. Dot apples with a little butter. Cover with the rolled dough (second half), pinch bottom and top dough together, using a little water as "glue", if neccessary.

1 beaten egg

Brush the top with the beaten egg to get a nice "tan" for the lid.

Bake at 200° C for 40-45 mins. Serve with cream, vanilla sauce or vanilla ice-cream.

PS: Someone told me that walnuts and/or raisins can be added to the apple sauce... *yum*